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Aug 30, 2009 12:00am EDT glenn: hello, america. we will focus on obama, internationalism, graft, and tonight, hidden agendas, and tomorrow, the army that will enforce them. tonight, if you care anything about free speech, you're going to see it crushed in front of your eyes. rush limbaugh will be joining me in a few minutes. if the things in the world just don't make sense, we're going to make sense of it beginning again tonight. come on, follow me. hello, america. we are halfway through the week, and here are the things that we have learned so far, if you're joining us for the first time tonight. first of all, congress is not -- i mean, they're just beyond not reading the bills. they're not even writing the bills. they are being written by a vast network that is not conspiratorial. it is all out in the wide open, but the media refuses to report on them. organizations that are filled with socialists, communists, revoluntionaries, organizations that pull their members, yes, from legitimate businesses, from politicians but also from groups that most americans have never heard of, like "movemen
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Aug 31, 2009 12:00am EDT
sheets like this in america they are call -- seats like this in america it is called a picnic bench. there is not a picture of a person the size of people. you just sit there if you want a little extra room. >> greg: i was going i don't see why this is a stickma but i can't read brazilian so i didn't even know what the insult was. >> i think they speak french there. >> greg: interesting. bill, you are young and skin any. what i find a problem here is the people that set these rules are young and skin any and too stupid to it realize that at some point they will get old and fat. >> actually i'm not that young and i do have shingles. >> that is a terrible joke. >> that is why i'm peaked right now. brazil is following my lead. every day i give up my seat to obese people to make room for them on the subways. granted they are pregnant but obese is obese. >> greg: the u.s. shouldn't adopt similar policies. >> and they shouldn't paint the chair blue. you're right. why not just have a long bench. why should everyone have an individual seat when you just sort of sitting there. >> greg: with
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Aug 1, 2009 3:00am EDT
into office in november, they did so on this nebulous promise of change and a desire to remake america. republicans were told by the elites on the right and the left, that they were on the verge of becoming a permanent minority party if they didn't moderate their views and, frankly, become more relevant. the country was moving, you z away from the old ideals of reagan conservatism and so should the g.o.p. well, smart conservatives weren't buying this. they said look, wait and see what this crowd does with the country, then talk to me about moving to the left. well, americans have seen now seven months of far left government in action. what's that mean? massive spending programs, washington's takeover of the auto companies. the perpetual apology tour overseas. dozens of unelected czars with unchecked power and my favorite, cash for clunkers. all of these have been total failures. and now that americans have had time to do what many congressman won't do, actually digest what's in the health care plan, they are in a full, fledged revolt. president obama's numbers are now dropping. and the
FOX News
Aug 9, 2009 12:00am EDT
for the pregame report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show you little devil? >> the mood at america's news headquarters as we get ready for the show. coming up, what countries who men made the best husband. >> sorry, belgium,ficational lands don't count. >> then a doll that beast feeds. >>> why is hollywood turning american icon g.i. joe into a multinational task force. some say it is a business decision but others say it is part of a master plan by new world order forces to prepare the way for one world masters. greg? >> greg: thank you, andy. >> see you later in the show. i thought he would never leave. let's welcome our guests. i'm here with fox news channel anchor patti ann browne. so hot and bubbly that j jacuzs relax in her. you just doubled our ratings, young lady. michigan congressman thaddeus mccorner also the republican house policy committee chairman. so knowledgeable that the internet is suing him for copy write infringe meant. is now knowledgeable he is. terrible introduction. bill schulz. in tijuana a taxi. >> sitting next to me, a first-time guest, comedian paul mccurio. god
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Aug 16, 2009 12:00am EDT
with freedom of speech is asking america to pipe down. check out today where nancy pelosi calls the protesters un-american for daring to speak up. a different context with different protesterings, these disruptions would be seen others brave. but it's not brave because for once the media is not on the protesting side. and steadying the media is mocking it those they would normally hail. but the protesters are ripe for mockery and you know the protesters can only be young and hot. the revolution series devotes one to the black panthers, therm young, black and adorable. and who can forget the wto protest flick, called battle in seattle, which made every protester hot enough to sleep with, which you know is purificationition because most resembled squeaky frohm in her prime. walgreen's, to call them, cranko old bastards waving their canes irrationally apartment a black guy, it's enough to make me want to hurl my fiberconthrough a window. and first, you're wearing a delightful black shut. >> it shows i'm dark and edgy. >> are the people showing up at the townhalls not being serious because they're
FOX News
Aug 17, 2009 12:00am EDT
faster than anywhere else in america. the unemployment rate went from 4.7% to 15.3%. in fact, local tv stations have started running public service announcements that tell people where to find food banks... even as the food banks don't have enough to meet the demand. as we speak, similar scenes are playing out in cities and towns across america. >> greg: welcome back. let's find out if we have gotten anything rock so far. for wrong so far. for that we go to tv's andy levy. how old are you? >> i'm 29. >> greg: 29? >> i mont blanc that. >> i have proof. put up a copy of my birth certificate. i was born 11, august, 1980 in mumbasa kenya fox new. really? >> thank you very much. >> are you allowed to -- we do not talk about that! >> thank you. >> greg: you don't have to. >> thank you. >> that is my right as an american. >> by the way, we can't have bill wear the onty mus optimust because we can't hear a thing he is saying. what is the problem? >> the story that it wasn't a translation area that the student said president clinton by mistake and it was translated correctly. >> i agree that i'
FOX News
Aug 24, 2009 12:00am EDT
was speaking to a gathering of grass roots democratic activists known as organizing for america or poop for short when explained why his poll numbers are dropping faster than charlie sheen's boxers at whorehouse. thinking it has to be the economy. you are so adorable. listen up, listen uppers. >> url atyour recall at this time last year the republicans named their vice presidential candidate and obama lost his mojo and remember all that. [ laughter ] >> there is something about august going into september where everybody in washington gets all wee-wee did up have. >> greg: that is why i where the depends. the most elegant man in the world and can single handedly make everything better by giving a speech said wee-wee' d up. >> what is wee-wee' d up. >> i don't know that i should do that from the podium. it is when people get all nervous for no particular reason. bed wetting would probably be the more consumer friendly term for it. >> greg: bed wetting is consumer friendly. meanwhile, in congress -- ♪ >> greg: tha
FOX News
Aug 23, 2009 12:00am EDT
is coming up on the show? >> everybody down here at america's newsroom is slamming and jamming about the show. coming up, the locherby bomber set free. then a major sporting goods chain says it won't sell michael vick jerseys for now. will the decision change before the dog days of summer end. what is the bit of treatment for heroin addiction. you we report and you stay curled up in a fetal position waiting for your next fix of "red eye." >> greg: he is delightful. let's welcome our guests. here with alisy alisyn camerot. the suno hot the hundred impersonates her on twitter. bill schulz. in thailand he is a hand towel. and sitting right next to me finally, about time, dr. mark lamont hill, fox news contributor, associate producer of education and african american studies. if fierce intelligence were oranges soccer players would share him at halftime. set him on fire and last while he dies, the new york times correspondent. good to see you again, pinch. >> hey, check out the thursday style section. cheerly the '80s are back and that means the recession is over. hoorah. >> greg: enough
Aug 1, 2009 8:00pm EDT
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Aug 10, 2009 12:00am EDT
being impolite or rude or hostile or anything like that. it means telling the truth about what america's position is and some people find that hard to accept. but i think your point is exactly on target. plain speaking is not a virtue only in the united states. a lot of foreign countries like to know exactly where the u.s. stands and then you find whether you can make a deal with them or not. sometimes you can and sometimes you can't. being candid and up front i think helps the diplomatic process more than it hurts it. >> greg: do you think that that is country like russia respects us list because of the unclenched fist? don't they react best to toughness. >> i think they see weakness and the important thing to keep in mind is what is provocative is not american strength. weakness is provocative. >> greg: we got to go. please come back. i had a ton more questions i didn't get to. i will get to them next time. coming up next, your e-mails read and answered by me. and check out the akron ittivity doing on there right now. or not. it's really up to you. to demonstrate the al
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Aug 22, 2009 3:00am EDT
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Aug 8, 2009 3:00am EDT
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Aug 7, 2009 3:00am EDT
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Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)